spare parts for italian classic cars

Ferrari 365 GT/4 BB (1973 - 1976), Ferrari 512 BB (1976 - 1981), Ferrari 512 BBi (1981 - 1984), Ferrari Testarossa (1984 - 1996)




For more information about any particular relating to Ferrari 365 GT4/BB, Ferrari 512 BB, Ferrari Testarossa, including those not mentioned above, please send a detailed request by our ESTIMATES form, including the all relevant data for the correct identification of the vehicle. All you need may already be present in our warehouse.


N.B. This publication is not a "catalogue" of what is currently available in our warehouse, but it is only an exemplification of the variety and nature of the material we are dealing with. Some of the depicted parts, especially the rarest ones, could have been sold and no longer available (but perhaps they may be re-found in the future); at the same time, of course, most of the tens of thousands of products in our possession can not (and will never be) fully listed.